James Bond Moonraker Signed Blanche Ravalec ‘Dolly’


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Dolly is a different kind of Bond girl, so different that she wasn’t even interested in Bond but his Nemesis Jaws!

Hulking Brute Jaws returned to the Bond Franchise in Moonraker 1979 which saw James Bond end up in space for the first time, Jaws would this time find love with the stunning Dolly (played by Blanche Ravalec) as he was delighted to see her braces and instantly felt a kinship to the young woman

Blanche Ravalec has signed this black and white picture of her as Dolly in the legendary Bond movie – complete with COA

James Bond Dolly Signed and Framed Photo

– Hand Signed by Blance Ravalec

– Double Framed

– Complete with COA

– Measures 43x50cm approx

– 1979 James Bond Movie Moonraker