Original And Authenticated Memorabilia

Our Aims

The team at Playonpro works hard to fulfil all of our customers’ requests, whether that be a unique digital event or a tailored fan experience. One of the requests that we love to receive from fans is for original and authenticated memorabilia. Playonpro has over 500 professional sports ambassadors from whom you can request memorabilia to keep and collect. 

We know how much memorabilia means to our fans, so we are keen to provide you with only the highest quality and customised pieces. We have a range of pieces available to cater to every taste and desire.

We are also aware that each of our customers will have a different amount of money that they are willing to spend, hence the excellent option to insert your budget onto a form. 

To request memorabilia, fill in the form on our website with your contact details, type, and budget. We cannot wait to provide you with your original, bespoke memorabilia.